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Hi Everyone!
I feel a little intimidated to be posting on here, but it seems like you folks may be my best resource! I am just a mom who was blessed with a pair of wonderful twins who happen to have so many food allergies and intolerances that I have to make everything from scratch. I have discovered such a love for preparing food over the past 7 years (they are 8) and coming up with new ways to reinvent the standard recipes for dishes... Maybe I missed a calling :) but as I said, I am just a mom so I do not have anywhere near the expertise you all have and look forward to reading some of your threads aching out to you all sometimes to tap into your knowledge
...and away we go! Talk to you all soon!


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No need to be nervous we are a friendly forum (most of the time). Glad you joined and hope you find answers to some questions you may have.

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