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I am excited about finding this group. I have my first job as a chef. I am excited about that also. Looking for cook books that feed fifty or more at a reasonable price. Call me a poor chef. I have been cooking since I was 10 so I have many cook books but not ones that feed fifty or more having a time getting used to the quantity of food. Timing the food I am doing alright on. Any advice is more that welcome. This is a career change for me and I am excited about it. Looking forward to the many years to come.
Thanks all
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Welcome to Chef Talk, Brando. We're glad you found us, too. Congratulations on your new job!

As you can see, we have some great forums in the Professionals section of the board, including a catering forum. You'll find lots of great people to consult. Try posting your request for crowd-sized recipes in the catering forum; more people may see it there. You can also check out the search function to find older posts on topics of interest to you.

Again, welcome to the Cafe, Brando!

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Welcome brando, I think changing careers is a great thing, so good luck.
I often feed lots of people, but I've realised that the amounts are innate with me so maybe I can help with more specific questions...
see you around..polly
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Welcome, Brando! You've come to the right site for help and fun and encouragement. :D

Here are a couple of book suggestions:

Quantity Food Purchasing by Kebdak G, Kotschevar and Richard Donnelly, published by Macmillan (ISBN 0-02-366230-1). I've got the 4th edition, from 1994 -- don't know if it's been updated since, but it's got lots of useful information

Cooking for Fifty by Chet Holden, published by Wiley (ISBN 0-471-57015-X). I'm sure this one has been updated.

Best of luck!
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Thanks to all for the welcome. Has been a busy week and it is going to get a lot busier with the Holiday comming up. Thanks again for the welcome.
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