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    I recently joined. I have worked as a food service manager, caterer, and most recently line cooking. I am wanting to buy a food truck so I took this job for more experience in line cooking. Quite a bit different than batch cooking. 
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    Welcome lovegadgets. I see you've dived in already, so you know how helpful people can be here. I'm sure you'll pay it forward when you get a chance. That's the best thing about Chef Talk, and it sets us apart from a lot of other places online, too. Some of the people you help- or from whom you learn- will be home cooks. That's really different! Not a lot of places you can get a lesson in, say, Thai home cooking from a Thai home cook or professional chef from Bangkok. 

    I surmise food trucks are big business where you are. Are they a tradition in your community, or a newer trend? 

    Let us know if we can help with anything related to the site. Be sure to have a look at the cooking articles, cookbook and equipment reviews, photo galleries and more. There's 15 years of material here, so I'm sure the search tool will get a good workout as you browse the site.

    We hope you enjoy being part of the community.

    Good luck in your new pursuits,