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    Hello.  I love baking mostly, but am starting to like cooking a little more again.  Yes, again- I use to love cooking, but my physical pain has gotten so bad that I don't even want to look at the kitchen sometimes and that is hard to admit, because I love to cook a meal that someone is amazed by.  I love letting people know that I cared that much about them serving a quality meal.  I would go to culinary school if it weren't for my pain and, of course, I would pray to the LORD about it, first.  I love baking and cooking with healthy, organic, whole, natural, and even gluten-free foods.  Mostly, I love when I'm able to find  NON-GMO products.   I'm hoping to find some good tips here and to share what I know.  Ta! -ZeneliAnn
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    Welcome, ZeneliAnn! You'll find a good many kindred spirits here. I'm a home cook myself and enjoy putting food on the table to feed hearts and bellies. Your post brought to mind a sticker I have on my car from the people at Penzeys Spices:


    We also have a fair number of people interested in gluten-free cookery and baking. I am as well because I have friends who have celiac disease. In fact, today my goal is to find a good gluten-free recipe for rugelach dough. 

    Was there someone special from whom you learned to cook? Are there family and/or heritage recipes you cherish? Sometimes those are the recipes which are the most satisfying to cook. Other home cooks here often share their recipes, too, so you can find recipes from all over the world here! Imagine making a home-cooked meal with the flavors of the Philippines, or Chile, or Malaysia. It's possible because you can "meet" others like yourself here, both home cooks and professionals, at Chef Talk.

    As home cooks we're free to read everywhere on the site, but we mustn't post in the professionals' forums. Those are reserved for their posting only. However, everyone posts in the general forums, so that's where we do all our posting. We also have excellent cooking articles, cookbook and equipment reviews, photo galleries and so much more that you'll want to make use of the search tool to navigate through everything!

    We hope you'll stop in often and enjoy being part of the community. Welcome!