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    I'm Alex I've worked in restaurants part time for about 3-4years, all pub style and and mainly as prep and line/fry cook and no previous formal training. I'm trying to build a stronger resume in order to move up my career so I am looking to start in a culinary management program this coming May. My main reason for joining was a question i had about the program im looking into but after looking around a bit I'm hoping I can learn from the others using the forum. 
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    Heh Alex, welcome to Chef Talk.

    Questions are a great thing, I mean, did you notice the tag line of the site? 'a food lover's link to professional chefs'... that's why I joined about 3 years ago.

    I'm sure that you've already gone to the Culinary Student forums, right?  Good stuff there.

    Now, don't pass over the Home Cooks, we can bring it like any 5 star out there, feeding our friends and families.

    The search bar at the top of the page could serve useful for you as well, CT has been on the `net for over 13 years, and still going strong.

    Have you found cheftalk.com on Face Book and Pinterest?  More like minded folks there too.

    Well, whatever it is that you decide to do here, have fun  and once again, welcome.