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    Just joined so hello from the south of France my names Alan I moved here nearly 3 years ago after arriving for a holiday and being offered a job here I stayed.w
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    ALOHA!  Welcome to Chef Talk Alan.

    You moved from France to where?  What types of foods or dishes do you make?  Have you seen Chef Talk on Face Book or Pinterest?  SO many questions… but really glad that you’ve found all of us. 

    As you’ve probably noticed, CT is an eclectic gathering of folks from around the World.  The culinary experience ranges from can’t boil water all the way to CCI!

    I hope that you will participate in the non-professional forums; folks not employed in the food biz are asked to read only there and that can be frustrating with an interesting topic that you’re just itching to throw your two cents in on, but can’t.

    Maybe you could stop by the Culinary Students forums and offer some wisdom?  I’d bet they would love to hear from a Chef from France.

    Oh, and don’t pass up the Galleries, where members post their photos of hits as well as misses in the kitchen.

    I hope to see you often,

    Aloha, k~girl