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    My name is jay and I’m a newbie to your forum. I would like you on facebook but I’m at work and it doesn’t allow Facebook sorryL. Does this site have an app? I could do It on my phone. I have been a banquet sous chef for a year at a casino that is one of many owned by a large corporation. I’ve been working here over 8 years and 7 different venues I started out as a cook 3 and worked my way up.   Recently I lost a lot of upper management and many of them were friends who helped me get to where I am. So my anchors are gone and I’m floating at sea but I think I can handle it been doing good so far (I think) just wanted to join a site like this so I can get some help if I find myself out of my league.

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    Aloha Jay,  Welcome to Chef Talk.

    You, my friend, are in great company.  

    The folks here at CT share in your love of ALL things food.  Whatever your current pursuit, you’ll find plenty of like minded folk.

    Chef Talk has been around for more than 13 years and has 50,000 + members from around the globe.  There are folks who are CCI to people who think they can’t boil water.  The search bar is very useful in finding topics that have been around the world three times over.

    I hope to see you around the boards.