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    Hello everyone, my name is Chef Calhoun. I love cooking. It is my passion in life and I strive to continue furthering my culinary education. I love to experiment with new recipes, flavors, and spices. I also like reading up on new products, equipment, etc. My dream is to one day own my own Asian inspired seafood restaurant in San Francisco, CA somewhere near the ocean.
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    Hello Chef Calhoun! Welcome to Chef Talk. At what point are you in your culinary education? 

    I see you've found the knife forum- that's great. I recommend you also hang out at the Culinary Students' forum as well. You might also do some searching there, as a good many topics that apply to this stage of your development as a chef have, no doubt, been brought up there over the 13+ years of this site's lifetime. I believe you'll have to hold off posting in the Professional Chef's forums for now, though, until you complete your training. But you're strongly encouraged to read, read, read there! The information there is invaluable to an up-and-coming chef. Please post your comments and questions in the General forums, where everyone posts. The moderators will make sure your topics are addressed. 

    Besides the discussion forums we have excellent and far-ranging cooking articles, cookbook and equipment reviews, photo galleries and- for that time in the not-too-distant future, a career board with job postings. We hope you'll explore the entire Chef Talk site. 

    We look forward to your participation here, and hope you'll add your perspectives to the mix. 


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