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    Hi.  I'm afraid I got ahead of myself and started posting before introducing myself.  I'm your basic home cook who decided about a year and a half ago that my eating habits were disgusting and not helping my health any so I set out to learn how to cook healthier food on a regular basis.  I took it one step further and decided it was time to go vegetarian as well (for several reasons).  Unfortunately I didn't educate myself first and after about six months I started really feeling the effects of not getting enough protein.  So I have regressed and am now eating poultry and some fish again but no red meat or pork.  I don't really miss it at all and am looking forward to working my way back to vegetarianism in the future.  Being somewhat restricted in what I eat has made me try more things and be a bit more creative in my cooking.  It has also made me realize how much I don't know.

    I'm here to learn, and if I can, share what I have learned.  Look forward to getting to know you all.
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    Aloha Veggie, Welcome to Chef Talk.

    I love veggies.  DH and I eat alot of veg, some chicken and fish and the occasional red meat, but not much.  Are you looking to go vegan or vegetarian?

    In any case, you're in good company.

    You might enjoy the Chef's Garden Forum.

    By no doubt the Galleries are the best though.

    Please take a moment to look over the Tutorials, FAQ and Community Guidelines and if you have a question, PM one of us Mods or an Admin person for help with the site.

    A note though about the three Pro-forums, they're read only for us folk who are not employed in the biz, but it's cool to peek into their world.  I would suggest that you utilize the Search Bar at the top at the page for topics as many have been around, and there's nothing worse than a broken record.

    I hope to see you often and contributing as well.