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    Hi everyone. I am from Dayton, OH. I have been in the restaurant business for 6+years. I am currently working at the University of Dayton. I run one of the dormitory kitchens during dinner. I have some experience in the fine dining and chain restaurants.
    I have been happily married for 4 years and I have two children. I love to cook at home for my family and would one day like to go to school and recieve a culinary degree. I hope to make friends here, and be able to throw ideas around with you guys. Thanks
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    Welcome, Aloha dayton cook.

    Real glad you found Chef Talk.  This is an extremely diverse community, with folks from all parts of the World; with experience ranges from MCC all the way to Foodies who can't boil water.

    Which school are you with?  Institution cooking can be complicated, what with rules, regulations and on and on.  I would imagine that the real reward for you is when you get home to your family.

    You might want to check out the Culinary Student forums, but please don't confine your posts there, non-Pros have plenty to bring to the table in the general forums.  Did you see some the Reviews, Articles and photos in the Galleries? 


    If you have any questions about CT, please PM a Mod or Admin person for assistance.  I think that everyone here are generous with their talents and wisdom, loads of respect.

    Have a great time.