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    well... yea hi..

    My name is Fermi and umm im 19 right now in college at Hong Kong

    I'm born in Taiwan - raised in Canada then moved back to Taiwan to finish middle and high school and pretty much then im in Hk for the next 3 years

    Im currently studying hospitality and tourism management and I dislike it cuz im not much of an academic oriented person esp when all my courses are business

    i had ONE class for one semester that was culinary involed and i fell in love with it

    i pretty much spend 3 days a week working at a restaurant in my school and last summer i was offered an internship at Four seasons hotel to be a kitchen trainee where i went through every single outlet from lobby lounge to banquet to pastry to michelin three star French to michelin 3 star chinese

    yup and here i am now... on a day off .. lonely sitting in front of my computer looking for something to do

    yea... I've always been a "loner" for most of my life.. being the only child.. and being "different" from my classmates and all..

    my only friend atm is a almost 50 year old guy - whos also the chef that I follow~


    just looking to see if i can make any friends... online (this sounds so sad.. but yet its true) cuz .. well i guess i wont be finding any in real life as for now...


    (pray~~~~~) lol
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    Fermi Fang, you've found a community of chefs and food enthusiasts to hang out with! We're an international bunch, all ages, all levels of knowledge and expertise with food. You'll fit right in, I assure you. Also, we have a Culinary Students' forum where you can commiserate with other students on the trials and tribulations of culinary school. I think you'll find a lot of kindred spirits here.

    I'd recommend using the search tool to see if some of your more general questions about culinary school have been posed already. We've been here over 10 years; it's possible someone before you has thought to ask, so there may already be a thread started. However: watch the date of the last post! Some of the threads have been "paused" some years ago. A new thread may be a better idea if the question wasn't answered, or if conditions have changed.

    Besides the discussion forums we also have tons of great articles at the main ChefTalk.com part of the site. Don't miss that! Some of our members and writers are culinary instructors, so it's a good idea to read the content here. /img/vbsmilies/smilies/wink.gif  You can pick up some good tips, believe me.

    We hope you come here often to learn, share and participate in the community. Welcome, and good luck with your studies!