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    I was on the hunt for a large and diverse cooking forum for a while and finally came across here. I've been looking around on here for the past couple of days and I'm beyond impressed, it's like cooking heaven!

    I'm the usual case: started cooking as a child, became addicted, now a young adult who lives to experiment and try new recipes/techniques...somewhat of a home passion but I could see myself starting a business one day so I'm excited to here what other people have to say on here :)

    I also come from a history of canning and I LOVE writing reviews so recently I decided to make a site dedicated to it. I'll post it in the appropriate forum but it's basically what you'd expect: pressure canner reviews...I basically plan to make reviews for books on the topic and accessories as well with some general information/recipes thrown in the mix. I'm really loving it so far and it's amazing to get your views out so I think I'll be making many kitchen/cooking related reviews sites...it's a fun hobby and makes you a little money on the side which is good since jobs around here are impossible to get! I'll be sure to post any sites I construct and hopefully I'll be a good addition to the community :)

    Don't want to ramble off to much like I always do but I love these forums so far and I'll be sure to post here daily!
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    So glad you're here, Aloha, Welcome to Chef Talk!

    I gotta' tell ya', as a Home Cook myself, I have learned so much here.  The folks are super, everyone is ready to share, chat, all with so many different levels of culinary knowledge. 

    Who knows, you could be conversing with a Master Chef in Paris!

    Take a look around; jump into a conversation, on that though, as Non-Pros, we are asked to read only in the three forums specifically for the folks in the biz.

    The search bar at the top of the page is great to locate topics of interest that may have been around the World a few times.  Check out the Articles, Reviews and the Gallery for some phenomenal pix! 

    If you have questions in regards to the website, PM a Mod or Admin person. Everyone is great, loads of respect, and besides, we all want to be here to talk about food, right?
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    Welcome Soulglazed,

    I enjoyed your intro. Look forward to seeing you around the site and reading your posts.