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    Hi,  My name is Arik Zamora Im a professional Executive Chef and live in a small town in New Mexico.  I have been in this bussiness for about 18 yrs. I started the odd job in high school as a busser and eventually made the transtion in to the kitchen in college.  Quit college to pursue my love of the food and never have looked back.  Worked under two James Beard winning Chefs.  Was Sous chef for what seemed like forever and just when i was about to quit this oportunity popped up and has been very successful and exciting.

    I what to be able to share any knowleged and or advice I can to any one that needs or asks.  Ihave no formal Culinary training.  worked in alot of resturants from Hawaii to New Mexico.  I have done my fair share of Stages. Thanks for having me.    
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    AA-LL-OO-HA Braddah!

    So glad that you're here, Welcome to Chef Talk!

    You will love it here. 

    The membership is well over 40,000 already, with culinary experience from the home cook such as myself all the way to CMC.  It seems that you have already found your way around, make sure to read the FAQ and Community Guidelines and if you have questions in regards to the website after that, please PM a Mod or Admin person.

    The Articles, Reviews and Galleries are fantastic; the Special Guest Forum is a fun read.  Join any conversation or start one of your own, try the Search bar at the top of the page for topics of interest as many have been chased around the bush more than once.

    Welcome Arik
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    welcome we are very glad to have you. We have a great pro community which I am sure you will find useful and if you have time share some of your knowledge in the non-pro forums.

    Thanks for joining ChefTalk.com