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    I'm glad I found this message board. I love to talk about food almost as much as making and eating it. I'm a at home cook and I love trying out new recipes. I try to use as little as possible processed food. I also love baking all things and I'm trying to perfect whole wheat bread.
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    Welcome Star Bug to Cheftalk,

    It is great to see you found us. If you enjoy baking then you will really enjoy the section on "Pastries and baking in General". There is also the professional fora which you are most welcome to read.

    If you have time there are so many reviews, wiki's, gallery, wonderful articles , in fact there is over ten years of information by cooks from all over the world, from professional chefs to cooks to home cooks....well to those who just love food and sharing knowledge.

    I look forward to seeing you around the boards. Feel free to post or start your own relevant thread.