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Hello! My name is EvanSevenon however, I certainly don't mind you calling me by my first name; Evan. I'm a beginner chef and only recently took an interest(recently being 6 months ago). I am fourteen and a freshmen in high school. My favorite dishes are Parmesan Chicken and Spaghetti. Spaghetti is actually the reason I joined the forum, ultimately hoping for critique and tips on a new recipe I've created. I hope to have a long and educational stay at cheftalk! ~ Evan
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Welcome to ChefTalk! Since spaghetti is the reason you cite for joining, perhaps you will find the Food and Cooking Forums especially interesting. Are you thinking of sharing your new recipe?
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Hello Evan, and welcome! We're happy to welcome future chefs like yourself, and hope you'll take advantage of the cooking articles, cookbook and equipment reviews, photos, wikis, etc. as well as the discussion boards. Please let me or any other moderator know if you have questions about the site or anything else here. That's what we're here for.

Have you begun to map out what your goals are in relation to cooking? Was there someone who inspired you to focus on cooking? Are there family recipes and food traditions that inspire you? For example: my grandmother and mom taught me a great deal about food and cooking while teaching me about the foods of my ethnic heritage. When I came here, I found that I had a pretty good basis to learn more. Everyone was encouraging to me and so I can say Chef Talk members have made me a much better cook than I was when I came here. I hope you have the same kind of result from being part of this community.

The discussion boards are open to everyone to read, but please remember: the Professional forums are "read only" for home cooks like you and me. We are welcome to post in all the General forums, though, and the pros read and take part in discussions there as well.

As GourmetM noted, you can share your recipe in the Food and Cooking General Forum or in the Recipes Forum- whichever seems to be the best fit for your question.

I hope we see you here often, and that in between your homework assignments (once the school year starts), you'll have a few minutes to read, learn and participate here.


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Thank you so much for your hospitality! I will be sharing the recipe, and it was my mother who inspired me to cook. I have high hopes for my cooking career. I plan on going to Culinary Institute of America in New York(Which is out of state as I live in Georgia). Following my graduation I hope to cook and study for ten years before opening or co-opening my own restaurant. Finally after 20+ years I hope to enter the Iron Chef America competition, where whether or not I win, I have at least showcased my cooking to the world.
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