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Hello chef talk community,

 Upon signing up for the forum I was thinking about incorperating coconut in a variety of ways into my crappy little kitchen (hence, the awesome username). I'm here to meet new friends like me who enjoy cooking with or without crappy little kitchens. I graduated from a small cooking school in The Pas, MB where I studied 'the basics'. Now that I'm furthering my way in our industry I like to ask myself questions like why am I doing this career? I've heard great stories about chef's who've experienced great culinary adventures. Which makes my history with cooking look somewhat obsolete when I look back to meat and potato dinners (Can anyone relate?)
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Hello Coconut, and welcome to Chef Talk! I'm sure others here will relate to your situation. We have members from all over the world, all levels of knowledge and expertise. Some are home cooks (as you are); others are trained professionals. As a home cook you're welcome to browse in all sub-forums on this site, but mustn't post in the professionals' forums. However, there's a lot of information in the General forums, where you are free to post (within our guidelines).

How did you get your love of food and cooking? Was there someone, or some experience that pushed you in this direction?

I hope you enjoy the site. We've been here 10 years, so there's a rich cache of discussions and information; access that through the board's search tool.


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 Quote "How did you get your love of food and cooking? Was there someone, or some experience that pushed you in this direction?"

I often remind myself I had no interest in cooking because my parent's did not posess unique culinary talents. It was this that made me curiouser about what I could make on my own using my hands. When I decided to enroll in cooking school my parent's did not approve of this. In their eyes I could not make an accomplishment beyond graduation (My GPA averaged 3.0) My friends encouraged it and I began hosting amatuer dinner parties for practice(pancakes, barbeques, etc).  I struggled  with grasping all the new subjects I was unfamiliar with in cooking school. I had tonnes of inspiration from watching food network however I was behind other's skill levels. At first it was difficult which is apart of why I relate to watching Maryl Streep in Julie and Julia when she was chopping onions. My biggest struggle was making friends with the other stuck up students who studied there. Written exams came up then I became the 'popular one' who knew the answers. Come time for internship I was working in a small hotel downtown where I recieved my first job as a line cook. I was not satisfied with the life I had chosen-peeling potatoes and boiling pasta-so I moved elsewhere. I met new people however they seemed to all be bad influences on my culinary journey. I eventually landed a full-time job and now I'm building my resume towards a four star restaurant.

 I enjoy the thrill of being the best at what I can do. Everyone I know know's me for my unique talents for preparing exciting dishes. I recall the first potluck I cooked for I was so anxious to show off the sushi I made (the desert was green tea cupcakes). Along the way I noticed I might've been trying too hard to impress others. After building a reputation at home and socially I learned the creative process was not taught by anyone. Anywho thats all for now :)

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