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Hey, I'm new here, and I just have a quick question.

Basically, I went to a University for and found nothing that I felt any passion for, so I dropped out after 3 years. This coming fall, I hope to be in a college studying a skill that I hopefully am passionate about, or will develop passion about as I go along. I've narrowed down three colleges that each offer one program that I have an interest learning about. The first college offers a program geared at Physical Therapy, the second college offers a program geared at Web Design, and the third college offers a Chef School.

What I want to do, to help me narrow down which program is the best choice, is speak to somebody that has been through a Chef School and is now in the restaurant industry so that I can ask them a bunch of questions relating to the Chef School, itself, as well as what kind of career I can look forward to, should I decide to pursue becoming a Chef.

I'm sure there's a forum on this site that I can go to for this, but considering that I just joined, where would the best place on this site (or Internet, perhaps) be to have all of my questions answered?

Any help would be greatly appreciated! :)
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Hello Kungfulincoln,

Welcome to Chef Talk. You may find it interesting that a good number of our members are either in a culinary career or in a tech-related career. Many switched between from one and the other. I can't say that about PT, though, except that it's also a 'customer-centered' career.

I recommend that you browse in the Culinary Students' forum. Don't miss using the search tool to check earlier discussions. While home cooks like you and I can't post in the professionals' forums, we can browse there and then post in a related General forum.

Good luck in your quest.



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Welcome Kungfulincoln,

I am happy to answer any questions you have about cooking school. I attended culinary school and worked in the business for many years. Helping people make the right choice about culinary schools is one of my passions. After living the life of a chef I have some strong opinions about what it really is all about. If you want to chat more lets move this conversation to the culinary students forum.
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