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I'm new to the forum, name is Vinny and I'm 22 years old from Australia. Figured this would be the best place to extend my cooking knowledge and no longer have to indulge in bland food! I am a big fan of cooking shows, learning new things about cooking as well as trying new things - I've been cooking for myself and others at times since the age of 15-16 years old. I am a body builder (hobby wise not professionally) so bland food can be very common in this sport but I believe one can have the best of both worlds while eating clean but having still enduring in plenty of flavours!

Professionally my goals for the future are Veterinary Science and/or Biomedical Science but hey, scientists have to eat too eh? ;) What stumps me the most these days is finding the perfect combination of herbs and spices that'll mix with olive oil and make an amazing marinade, dip or sauce so I'll be scouring the forum for those. Thanks for having me!
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Hello Vinny - welcome to Cheftalk.

We have members from around the globe, so the recipes reflect that fact!  I'm Scottish and Indian cuisine is our 'second' favourite food here in the UK - we have some amazing Indian restaurants.  I love Australia, have visited a number of times (last time was in Feb/March/April last year).  I've got family in NSW, ACT, Melbourne, Perth and Adelaide.

Enjoy the site - have a look at the photography and articles to gain some real inspiration.  There are lots of recipes here, too - so you'll certainly be able to become more creative with your spices and herb usage!  Feel free to post on any thread you find interesting, or start your own in the relevant fora.  Please note, the professional fora are read only for those of us who are not currently employed in a culinary trade.

Hope to see you around the site!
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