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I just found this site and wanted to introduce myself.  I'm retired after working all my life (it seems) and have started trying to bake.  I'm not having much luck with anything I've tried so far.  I made french bread and it looked wonderful but was very dry.  I made wheat bread today and it looked wonderful but was a little dry and not much taste.  I made an apple pie tonight and the crust was very thin after rolling it out and trying to get it into the pan and the top crust doesn't look like it's going to be very flaky.  It's still in the oven but looks nothing like an apple pie I remember from childhood!  Of course that was a long time ago.  I really want to be an accomplished baker but I'm getting discouraged with the results I've had.  Help!!!
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Hello - and welcome!

We have many accomplished bakers on this site - just post any question in the baking/pastry forum and someone will no doubt be able to assist you with your questions.

We have all levels of expertise on here, from those just starting out on their culinary journey (like you), through enthusiastic amateur (I'm one of those!) to masterchefs.

The photography, blogs, articles and wikis on here are well worth a look for inspiration, too.  Feel free to join in on any thread you find interesting, or start your own - but please  note that the Professional fora are read-only for those of us who are not in the culinary professions.

Don't worry, with the advice you get here, your baking will improve immensely!
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Thanks for the welcome.  I actually managed to make an apple pie over the weekend that tasted pretty good.  I just need to practice more.  Which makes the diet hard to manage as well. 
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Welcome to cheftalk I hope you enjoy your stay this is a great site, I'm not sure where you live but you can usually get great info at your local library (check out books there and if you like them then you can add them to your personal collection)

I myself have enjoyed Peter Reinhart's The Bread Bakers Apprentice as well as any of his other books

If your interested PM me and I can give you a list of other books that I have found useful as well as at least one website that is devoted to nothing but baking.

Good luck and happy baking!!!!!
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im a nooby here too and starting to cook in general. hope we both improve from all this info on here. seems like a great place for it.

Good Luck!
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