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I registered yesterday and have already done a couple post and started one thread but i thought i would introduce myself and this seemed the place to do it. i'm a stay at home mom who loves to cook and bake more than she really gets too. Most of my cooking and baking is for my family who are my toughest critics. i would love to someday open a small cafe but who knows what's in store. anyway i've already learned a lot just by reading the forums and wiki's so i think i'll be checking in here a lot.


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I guess "veteran" would be a bit misleading considering I'm only 25 (Ha!), but I've loved cooking, and have cooked, since I was old enough to help my mom make Thanksgiving dinner. For time after that I was a home cook trying out new recipes and learning the basics on my own, testing them on poor unsuspecting boyfriends and friends, and getting reviews through that avenue.

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