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hello all,

my name is emily and i am a master cook in las vegas. i have worked here for close to 5.5 years. i am an all around cook/chef and love to try new things. i have done all different types of cuisine, however i focus mostly on french.  

i have been inspired by many great chefs, recently after working for Joel Robuchon i am falling back on more of the homey, american style of food.  American food can be just as elegant as the tiny detailed food of the french. i am learning more and more about our own styles of cooking! i love every minute of it!

good to be part of cheftalk.

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Hello and welcome!

I'm from the UK, and we are trying to ensure that our native dishes are preserved.  Many of ours (I'm from Scotland) are from the Auld Alliance with France, so they are a hybrid of Scots/French....  WONDERFUL!

I hope you will make time to look at some of the articles posted here, as well as the wonderful photography.  All well worth the time spent and inspirational.

Feel free to join in ony thread you find interesting, or start your own....!
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hello Emily welcome to Cheftalk and sure you're gonna learn a lot of things in the field of cooking. See you around./img/vbsmilies/smilies/smile.gif
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