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Hello Everyone:

Although I am not a professional in the culinary world, I truly love cooking and have enjoyed reading your posts. I appreciate all of the wonderful information that is available on this site.


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Welcome to cheftalk, Nice to have you with us.
Take your time and browse around the forums.

Tell us alittle about your self.


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Hello again:

I happened to find this site while searching for information regarding good quality knives. As I posted in the equipment section, I recently purchased a Henckels chefs knife and paring knife after looking into different brands of cutlery. My first set of knives did not receive the care they deserved - eight years ago when I received them as a wedding gift I did not know anything about sharpening and sadly, they are not in good condition. Now that I have some awesome new knives, I'm looking for some advice about sharpening steels... see my other post about that!

I have fond memories of cooking going all the way back to pre-school age when my grandmother would let me sit on the counter and "help" her cook. The recipes I learned from her are still part of our family cookbook today. I grew up in the Chicago suburbs, attended college in Nebraska (Go Big Red!) and spent some time in Human Resources with a consulting firm in Omaha and later with the Sun-Times in Chicago. Now that my career has turned into raising my children, I have more time at home to experiment with cooking and love to learn and try new things. I am not a professional chef, but can offer my insight as an amateur and an avid consumer of restaurant food:)

Thanks for the replies.

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Hello LJV and welcome to Chef Talk! I had friends in college from your neck of the woods (Glen Ellyn and West Chicago) and lived briefly in Downer's Grove myself some years ago. Lovely area!

Many of us are home cooks and food lovers. We are fortunate to be able to share our love of food with professionals here who are gracious and open to learning from us as well. Don't be shy! Post away.

Raffai Bardin, hello to you as well. Please start a new topic in the Welcome Forum so we can properly welcome you here!

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