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I'm new. I am generally in 1 of 2 moods in the kitchen.
1) Happy/crazy (this means things are going well and everyone is doing their respective jobs properly)
2) Angry (this means the people I work with seem to have all had lobotomies)
Scenario 2 is the reason for the nickname "Rage".

Hi all! :rolleyes:
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Hello and welcome to ChefTalk. I hope mood #2 doesn't happen to you here. ;)

What kind of cuisine does your restaurant serve? Are there dishes in which you specialize?

We hope your experience here is a mood #1 for you every time.

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I recently started working at a retirement home. The restaurant is supposed to be a "5 star" restaurant (mainly French cuisine) but due to the residents constant complaints about the food (too fancy, don't know what it is, too many flavours, etc...) we now offer meat and potatoes with overcooked veggies. Frustrating to say the least.
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Hello All,
I was on chef talk a lot a few years ago. I am an Executive Chef. I apprenticed in the early 1980s in Classic French and World Cuisines. I concentrate on Pan Asian and Mediterranean cuisines yet have been developing a fondness for various Latin American styles as well.
I am in the process of looking at properties for a new restaurant. If that does not happen soon then I will be looking for a job. This is truly a Depression that we are coming out of, the economy hit us late where I live and a lot of restaurants went down.
I have a cookbook coming out in the next couple of months. I publish two monthly food columns. This is my life.
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