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Just wanted to post a quick hello as this is my first time on chef talk and my first time on a forum. I'm looking forward to getting some helpful cooking tips as I am an aspiring, self-taught cook with a slight handicap: a strict, low sodium diet.
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Hello and welcome to Chef Talk. I know there are other members here who are on restricted diets of various kinds, or who must cook/bake for others with dietary restrictions. We have a good search tool here, and I recommend it to you to do some digging for helpful informtion in past posts.

Like you and me, many of us are home cooks. The professionals here are wonderfully helpful! I thought I was a pretty good home cook when I came here about 10 years ago, but I'm amazed at how much I've learned and at the courage I've gained to try new things. I hope you feel the same after participating here.

Good luck in your adventures!
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