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I am new to this site, very excited to be here. Looking for some advice on places for an externship in Wisconsin. Of course I have my own lists and applications in! But who knows I could have missed a great spot. I currently have 3 months left of school in Pittsburgh but I am hoping to move back closer to home for a little while..then who knows!
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Hello Shermd and welcome to Chef Talk. We have a number of chefs and other members from Wisconsin here, so perhaps you can get some information if you post in the Culinary Students/culinary schools forum. We certainly have some excellent chefs here (Sandy D'Amato.. what an opportunity it would be to learn from him!).

Please take some time to explore the site. Besides the discussion forums we have cooking articles, cookbook reviews, the photo gallery and more. With about 10 years worth of information here, you'll be glad to know there's a good search tool to guide your quest.

We hope you visit often to learn, share and enjoy being part of the community.
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