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My name is Natalie and I'm a foodie from Houston, TX. I love to cook and love to pair unassuming flavors and create dishes from scratch with or without a recipe. I grew up cooking in the kitchen with grandparents and parents. My husband recently found out he needs to eat gluten-free, so I'm in the process of relearning how to cook "minus gluten." For many dishes this has proven very easy, others no so much, so I'm here to hopefully get some tips, pointers or ideas of great recipes or resources that I can use to learn more about different non-gluten based flours and how they can best be used with traditional recipes. Other fun things about me....love to paint, run, and be outdoors (runner, cyclist, etc). Cheers!
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Hello and welcome to Cheftalk.

I have a close friend who is coeliac - and it is the 'hidden' gluten that is the problem for her! Last time we went for dinner to a posh restaurant, where she is well-known (and her gluten-intolerance) she chose Dover Sole, grilled. Just minutes after she ate it, she began to feel unwell. It turned out that the new chef had dusted the sole with flour to give it a little colour before putting it under the grill. There are a lot of people here with lots of experience, so if you have any specific problems/questions, I am sure someone will be able to help you!

I hope you will make time to read some of the fascinating articles on here and to view the amazing photographs, too. The professional fora are read-only for us home cooks, but they make interesting reading ;)

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