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Hi all,
I am not very good at cooking so thought I would join a forum to see if it helps. I struggle with ideas for dinner and tend to stick to easy meals. Tonight I am cooking lamb chops (aren't they expensive!) with peas, carrotts and mash. I will make my gravy from the meat juice and veg water and if all else fails smother it in mint sauce!
Lets hope in a few months I get to do more exciting dishes. Is there a mentor out there who gives step by step instructions as I'll need it LOL!
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Hi Angela,

You're in good hands. Theres loads of help to be had here. Sounds like you're keen, n thats half the battle. Just the fact that you're making meals from scratch is encouraging.

I've family in Rugby, n they say the markets in the Midlands are fabulous. Do you have farmers markets where you stay? I'm finding that the stall holders are very informed about the best way to treat their produce, so dont be afraid to ask them. Same applies here.

Look forward to hearing from you.
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Thanks Bughut, my chops were delicious! Now I am searching for ideas for tomorrow nights tea. All suggestions welcome as long as it's eassssyyyy!:roll::roll::roll:
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