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I just found this forum today, and it looks like a good one. I'm a home cook with no formal training, just a couple dozen cooking classes offered by local cooks and a kitchen store. I tend to favor Italian food (my User ID may give some insight to my favorite of all); mainly rustic and simple. My wife is the same, and she is also the baker of the house.

We host a handful of dinners and parties each year, and generally pick a theme that forces us out of our normal comfort zone -- such as French for our upcoming Christmas party.

Between the two of us we have enough pots, pans, knives, etc. to stock 3 kitchens, but we are always looking to improve on the items we have.

I look forward to learning a lot from this site!

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Hello - and welcome to ChefTalk!

We have all levels of culinary ability here - and from all around the globe - from those just starting out on their culinary journey to masterchefs.

I hope you will make the time to read some of the fascinating articles on here, and to view some of the wonderful photography, too.

Feel free to add to posts you find interesting, or start your own. All we ask is that you respect that the professional area is read-only for us amateur cooks!

I have been on lots of cookery courses, too - from Tuscany and Liguria to Provence, from London to Stirling and a couple of places in Ireland, too.
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Hello David, and welcome! Does "NoVa" mean Northern Virginia? If so, maybe you have access to wild boar and can make Italian dishes which call for "cinghale". You certainly seem like an adventurous cook and diner; this is the place for you.

Have a look at the cooking articles, photo galleries, bogs and, of course, the discussion forums. Our search tool will be useful for browsing through our 10 years' worth of threads.

We'll look forward to seeing you here! Welcome,
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Thanks for the welcome! Yes, I live in northern Virginia.

I 'discovered' cinghiale in Tuscany about 6-7 years ago. I've made pasta sauce with it a few times, using boar shoulder purchased online from D'Artagnan. I have not found it in any local stores, though. On my last trip to Italy (a little over a year ago), I had versions at three different restaurants -- one in Tuscany and two in Umbria. They all were great, but one in Assisi was sublime; it's my goal to match that sauce one day. Instead of the meat being ground or finely chopped, it appeared to have been stewed/ braised, then cut into small chunks, and the sauce was mainly the oil and fat (no vegetable pieces), with some bacon or panchetta flavoring. That is now my Holy Grail :)

I'm looking forward to learning a lot on this site!

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