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Hi, I've been here for awhile now, though I haven't introduced myself.

Hailing from Singapore, I enjoy both eating and cooking food, (not that anyone here does not fit that description).
I do paticularly enjoy baking though. I'm still learning as I go along, and am constantly browsing through cook book's, thinking of what recipe to try next.

I also enjoy traveling, and dreaming of far away places. A Cook's Tour is what I'd consider a "dream job".

Anyways, I've been immensely enjoying reading up on some of the older posts. It's all very helpful input and all that. I'm glad there's such a community
going on.

Looking forward to the future posts!
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Hello Nicholas, and welcome to the Cafe! I hope you enjoy the site and visit often.

I'd be very interested to know what local foods you enjoy eating and preparing.

Joined Jul 22, 2004
well actually, I prefer just eating the local food. I prefer trying out "western recipes", be it an Aglio Olio, or a Cheese Cake.
I do have a handful of recipes with my mom, who is Thai, that I'd like to try. Some may consider it "local" here, since we're a multi cultural country.
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Hi Nicholas...
Just another welcome...and if there's any special recipes you're looking for, give us a hollar!
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