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hi I´m lins (lindsey)
I´m from England but live and work in spain.
Glad to have found this site, I have been working as a Head chef for 7 years now, and been in catering for 13 years, but feel like i´ve been a little out of touch past few years! I´m looking forward to talking to you all, maybe i can get back into the 21st century !!
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Hello Lins! We'll look forward to getting better-acquainted. I'd be particularly interested to hear what you enjoy about cooking and living in Spain.

We hope you enjoy reading and participating in all our forums.

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Thanks for the warm welcome!
I've only been in spain for 2 1/2 years. What can I say the weathers better here! different culture and way of life and the Spanish love to eat! Good news for me!!!
As far as cooking goes I always think that no matter how good or how much experience you're never too old or too good to learn something new, and you never stop learning. That's what I enjoy about my job, everyday is different. If you get bored you create something new!
What can I say - I love it, and at the moment I'm learning more and more about tapas dishes.
Good to hear from you!
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HI linns ...just joined this site a few days ago.... I work in Tapa's bar at the mo' but would like to work in spain for a bit what is the job situation like out there??
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