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Hey everybody! I just registered yesterday and I love this site! Im 22 years old and a vegetarian. Not to worry-Im not one of the PETA freaks. Reading through the boards, I know alot of you guys aren't too hip on those people. I agree with the majority of you-they are psycho and really make vegetarians look bad. I started out doing it more for health reasons and mass meat production grosses me out...the animal rights thing just kinda wormed its way in too. As a matter of fact, switching to vegetarianism is what made me realize that I wanted to be a chef. I gained a whole new appreciation for food! The foods I have "discovered"-I dont know how I lived without! Right now I am in the process of looking into culinary schools and alot of the posts here cover alot of my curiosities. I couldn't have found this at a better time. It's good to meet all you guys! Have a great week and Happy Holidays!
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Welcome to Chef Talk, dvdsky81. Your enthusiasm in great! We are eager to read your posts and if we can, to answer your questions. Please don't miss the Culinary Students' forum, where you can hang out with others on the brink of culinary school or those who have started their programs. Many of your questions may have been discussed before, so make good use of the great search function on this board to locate topics of interest to you.

We're glad you found us!


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