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Hello to all. My name is James and have been cooking since i was able to see the burners with my eyes in my mother's house ( quite a few years ago). I have an extensive background and formal training as well. I ran the gammet with hotels and for the last 9 years I decided that week ends off are a great thing so I became involve in food service. Anyone else out there know what i am talking about. Corporate enviorments are great.Do not be fooled, food service has come a far way and some of my work has been compared to hi profile restaurants. Would love to hear from you who are in the same boat. :bounce:
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Hey Jamesdano, welcome to the Cafe! Are you in New York?

What kinds of dishes do you prepare at home and/or at work?

Take a stroll in all our forums and make yourself at home.

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Welcome....yes I agree non restaurant & hotel kitchens sure give us a lot of free time.

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