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As I was scouring the internet for answers to my questions about cooking I stumbled across this site and it seemed like a nice place.

I'm 20 years old, just moved  to my own apartment and started university studies on electric engineering to become a Master of science (Totally legit and IMHO most awesome tittle ever! :D). So yeah, from that you can have probably deduced that I'm not in any way professionally involved with food nor will I likely ever be. That being said, cooking is still something I like very much and I'd love to learn more. Currently my focuses are a bit of a cliche for a twenty-year-old engineering student; Pizza is really close to my heart, I'm thinking of trying to make hamburger patties and coca cola is my first choice of drink for a luxurious meal but I do very much appreciate "proper food", it's just that my budget is what it is and my range of cooking gear is quite limited at the moment. I hope to learn many things in here, may my pizza some day taste as good as it's professionally made counterpart! 
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@Engineer  ,

Welcome to ChefTalk. You certainly don't need to be a professional Culinarian to be involved in a lot of forums, It's apparent that you have

planned out your future. Pretty good for your age. a Masters of Science. I'm just assuming from your age that you still have to get your Bachelor's Degree before that. A Master of Science is a very cool thing to achieve. It usually requires a thesis and you can apply outside

classroom opportunities, like in research, papers, etc. A lot of people use it as a conduit to  a Doctorate. My son decided he did not want a Doctorate because that usually leads to teaching. Something he definitely doesn't want to do. He received his Bachelor's in MIS. He then was recruited to major computer company where he was getting a Masters of Science in Information Technology.While doing that he was able to participate in some of the medical think tanks. He was ecstatic to be involved and he ended up with a Masters of Science in Bioinformatics.

So have a great time in school and stay around. There are a sorts of forums that may be of interest.


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Thank you! Your son's career path sounds interesting and actually I'm totally with him when it comes to the doctorate, teaching professionally is not my thing either. And you're correct, I will first need to get my Bachelor's Degree done but I currently hold the "right" to study all the way to Masters (I'm from Finland and I think the system in the US is a bit different from ours. When one is accepted to university in Finland, they automatically have the right to get the Bachelor's Degree and Masters after that. Is it different in the US? ) Thanks again for the warm welcome, I have a feeling I'm going to like it here! 

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