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Joined Aug 1, 2004
hello everybody, I 've just signed up for what looks like an interesting culinary forum.
my name is Koen ,I'm from belgium and I'm interested in anything that is food-related.
I work and live as a fanatic.
I have 2 children , witch I fail to give enough attention due to my passion and carreer , a lovely girlfriend and two cats ....
experiments and recipe's is what I'm really in for and i hope to make professionally related contacts
thanks and see you on the forum.
Joined Jul 27, 2004
Greetings Koen!

I've been to Brussels, anywhere near there? :D

Welcome, from one newbie to another.
Joined Aug 1, 2004
hi Travelchick and kalinda,
thanks for the welcoming
I live near the city of Antwerp,
i work there in restaurant Neuze Neuze.
I used to have my own restaurant called Fleur De Sel wich i sadly had to stop
for several reasons (economical backfire due to 9/11 is one of them )
but live goes on,the sun is shining, and I am fortunad to exceed in my passion, Cooking.
see you later. :)

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