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I live in New Orleans and sell food at local bars and festivals, and I am starting to branch out into catering. I have worked at restaurants before and hated it, I love to cook but I've got to do it my way! I'm working on expanding my business and improving my cooking techniques!
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Hello and welcome to CT. :)

Just curious, but, if you hated working in restaurants, what makes you think that you will like catering? Its the same thing without your own dining room. In fact, catering has all the challenges of a restaurant with the extra added thrills of mass food delivery and all the complications that go with it, especially when it comes to safe food handling, transportation and presentation.

You are fortunate that you live in a city with a storied and legendary culinary tradition. You are literally living in the Harvard University of cuisine on the North American Continent. Perhaps you hated your experience because you worked for a bad chef? It happens. But, if you want to improve your cooking techniques, I would encourage you to continue working in restaurants and take advantage of the opportunity to learn as much as you can. If you can land a job working for a good chef in New Orleans, that experience and learning will be more valuable to your career than anything else. Alternatively, you could also work for a reputable caterer and gather very valuable experience as well.

Your comment rings of a person who doesn't seem to be "all in" in a profession where if you are not all in, you're out. If this is true, I would encourage you to take some time and seriously consider if this profession in is right for you in any setting and more importantly, if you are right for this profession. Any of the other pros in here will tell you, a passion for cooking is never enough. You need to seriously scrutinize all of the reasons why you hated working in restaurants in a candid, focused manner and be brutally honest with yourself. I assure you that all the reasons why you hated working in restaurants are not going to disappear because you're "doing it your way" or operating your own business.

Good luck. :)
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