Hello! What am I doing?

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Hi, guys. I need help. Im new here but fairly new to the restaurant bussiness. I started from mcdonalds and worked my way into a mom and pop Italian Restaurant. I have no degree or any type of schooling in cooking other than keeping and cooking foods at the right temperature. I really dont know what position I am and im very curious because of new recipes ive been making. We have a new special every night but have been creating new dishes about once a week. I run a little line by myself from frying, sautéing, grilling, and baking also managing the employees on a pizza line. I prep and run my line during the mornings and at night just run my line. What position am i? A prep cook?


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Welcome to ChefTalk @Surfcc   I guess the question is "What are you doing?" What do you want to do? You and only you can figure out what type of food you love to cook and then pursue that. Try many things at first such as savory, catering, pastry, breads, banquets, hospitals or hotels. Wedding cakes, Mexican, Italian, French, Food trucks. 
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