Hello to everyone :)

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Just wanted to say thanks for a great site, been reading this forum for a while and figured it was bad manners of me not to join and say a quick hello and a big thank you, I love this forum for the masses of information covering such wide topics and all aspects of the catering industry, I've picked up some good tips and its helped me out loads, and also with the occasional difficult times that I've needed help as well and not forgetting the good sense of humours you all seem to have, makes great reading. so again a big big thank you to all that post and participate i really appreciate it as I'm sure do others do too...Cheers guys and girls !


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@Paula Malloch  welcome we are glad you joined. Lately we have had an influx of caterers and we are starting to see more discussion in that area. Feel free to jump in and if you have ideas for improvements let us know. 
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