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    Hello there

                     firstly i like to say thanks to this forum owner and moderators because that makin us registed for free in here to get usefull tips and  advice from great peoples from all over the world..

    there is little part should need to tell myself..

     I am starting to run my dad catering business and which is since 1983 and which is  situated in india. At the beginig stage and  i have  no intrested to do running that because of my education and my envioronment wa i learnded .because i have studied my Hotel mangement and professional cookery from New zealand so at the begining i have  no intersted at running the family business but due to curcumstance back in india so i need to come back  and take over it.. business is running veru slow at this time and i need to improve it  i want to influance western food but since its in india people cannot change instant soo i am really confuse with all of this

     soo kindly is there anyone can help to get through this please
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    Hello and welcome to Cheftalk. And you are right, we should thank Nicko for providing this grat site to members!

    We have a number of members from the Indian sub-continent, as well as other south Asian countries and lots of members love Asian cuisine. I know I do as Indian food is nowadays considered the second cuisine here in the UK!

    it can be very hard to change people's palate from what the are used to - one of our members has close family in Greece and she has often mentioned that locals there do not experiment with new ideas. They want what the are used to eating, not innovation.

    There are three Professionals-only fora on here where you may be able to get advice with your questions.

    Incidentally, two of my favourite restaurants here in the UK are run/owned/cheffed by very gifted Asian chefs. On of them, BENARES in London, owned by Atul Kochhar has a Michelin star and his Asian inspired fusion foods are great. I have one of his books and love his style of cooking. The other isOLOROSO in my home city of Edinburgh, cheffed by Tony Singh. do a google search for both and you will be inspired, I'm sure!