Hello to all!

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Hello people,

my name is Fede and I made an account in this website to be able to get to talk with professional chefs and hear their opinions on a multitude of matters as I am planning on starting a business related to personal chefs (possibly even private); I hold little kitchen experienced (worked as a kitchen hand for about 7 months), but I will majorly trouble myself with the managing and business side of the endeavour, while working in pair with chefs of my area (I live in Germany).

Either way, this is just a hello! If I happened to be on the wrong forums please do tell me and I'd appreciate if anyone could redirect me where I should go if this were to be the wrong place.

I wish you all a great day!


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Hello Fede glad you joined ChefTalk.com I think you will find some excellent resources here from the pro community.
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