Hello to all.

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Greetings. I am a retired chef of far more years than I care to remember.

It's nice to stumble upon a discussion group that doesn't appear to indulge in constant sniping and superiority trips but instead concentrates on actually helping people with queries as well as sharing knowledge ad expertise. Bravo!

I hope to, if you would all be so kind, perhaps divulge some of my experiences in decades of catering.

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Welcome, Bill! Thank you for the introduction. Many people tell us we're a nice change from the rough tone in other communities. This is a great place to share and learn; we hope you enjoy both here.

Besides the discussion forums, we have cooking articles, wikis and much more. I hope you explore the entire site and enjoy every minute of it. We look forward to your participation.


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Hi to all.

first of all my best wishes for the new year.

I m Faye and i come from Greece.

you can ask me many details regarding the Greek food.


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Hi to all . . .

Be lated happy new year.

I am from Mumbai(India).

I'm a good vegetarian cook.
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Hello Yash and Faye

Sorry, I didn't welcome you sooner, but you added your name to a previously answered thread - apologies and a belated welcome to Cheftalk!


I love Greece and the Greek islands and have visited and lived on a few of the islands and the mainland. I love Greek food!

Yash - I love Asian foods - although most of our 'Indian' restaurants in the UK are actually owned, cheffed by Bangladeshis.  We have a wonderful Indian/British chef called Atul Kochhar, whose restaurant in London has been awarded Michelin rank.  It's called Benares and I can personally vouch for how wonderful his food really is.  One of my favourite restaurants in Edinburgh is called Oloroso and is owned by a wonderful Indo-Scot called Tony Singh.  His food is exceptional.

I hope you will both join in and give us the benefit of your wisdom regarding the dishes of your countries.  Join in on any thread you find interesting, or start your own in the relevant forum.  Please note, though, that the Professional fora are read-only for those of us (including me!) who are not members of the culinary professions.
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