Hello to all

Joined Oct 15, 2003
Hello folks,

I love this BB.. I have been reading as much as possible on this board

I am stay at home mom
I have been cooking since I was 12 years old when my cousin lent me her home science book..now I am 50 yrs young..I am open to new ideas and love trying them out ..

It is wonderful to meet you all

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Hi Luv2read, and welcome to Chef Talk! Many, many of us started cooking young and have great stories to tell of successes, grand mistakes, or outrageous culinary inventions. Do you have stories like these? What do you like to cook?

We'll look forward to your posts.

Joined Oct 15, 2003
I like and cook all types of food ..in a way i am a foodie to a certain extent.. new ideas are interesting so i try them out in my kitchen..i am learning all the time.. i enjoy recipe and food talk..

as for disaster..i remember i had baked a cake and switched off the oven forgetting to take out the cake.. after returning from my outing ..i found the cake had harden
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