Hello to all Chef Talk users

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I am new to the Cafe.......but I am very interested in getting to know and use the forums to further my restaurants and my other activities. I look forward to learning, sharing, and visiting with other professionals.

Thank You
Chef Paul
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chef paul,
welcome. i went to your sight and if i'm ever in arkansas, i'd make sure to visit! :)


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Welcome Chef Paul! If you are looking for a particular topic be sure to try the search engine first. If you have any questions then contact myself or one of the moderators.
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Chef Paul, please let me add my welcome! We hope you'll enjoy all of the forums. Be sure to check the archives for earlier conversations, too.

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hi dr cook

welcome, what kind of cookin are you doing in your place,tell us a bit about your place.
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my restaurant is very classical cooking..........southern french influences.........american products with some imported.....I enjoy all types of food but try to keep all products as highest quality as possible.....fresh fish flown in,, prime meats, veal long loins,oragnic grown veggies(local)....I am in the south and in an area that is still into meat and potatoes.....I am still able to venture into some areas that are more interesting.....Sushi and vietnamese foods are somethings that I sneak in on my menus the response is good.......fusion food just made its way to here in a big way......I did that years ago......it is so abused.....too many chefs trying to create the next 'fad"....most of them just muddle up what they are doing and it is terrible.....good food is good food it is all quality, taste, and presentation......not all that far off the beaten track.........I believe in simple creations and great combinations of herbs and vegetables along with the seasons...I know it sounds cliche but I have worked it into a TV show and r
adio and working on my first book.....something is working.'

Thanks for asking
chef paul
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