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    I Just Like Food
    Hello everyone,

    I'm an In-flight Supervisor with a well known Asian airline and have been flying for the past 35 years. I've always been interested in food and the cooking of it and my son is now a trained chef who had just participated in Bocuse d'Or 2013 as Commis for his mentor representing Singapore.  I'm here to improve my skill and also to find answers to some cooking/baking methods with a combi steam oven.  I've just purchased a Convotherm mini combi oven for the home and my son and wife enjoy using it.  I hope to find answers here to some of our problems.  Thanks again.


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    Cook At Home
    Welcome, Anthony! Congratulations to you and to your son on his achievement, for which few get the opportunity.

    We hope you'll take some time for a tour of the entire Chef Talk site. There's much beyond the discussion forums to enjoy and to expand your horizons: cooking articles, cookbook and equipment reviews, photo galleries, special guest archives and much more. Our search tool will help you sift through many years' worth of discussions and content to find just what you want.

    Please note that the Professionals' forums are "read only" for those of us who are home cooks. We can post in the General forums, where our questions are read by pros as well.

    What are your favorite dishes to prepare? Are there ingredients you especially like to use, or cuisines you're fond of? We look forward to your participation!

    Best regards,