hello there

Joined May 8, 2009
Wow!  Got my password on the first try!

Haven't been around for a while.

Starting a new job at a much smaller place (20k a day versus 20k a week).

Got a good feeling about it.  More freedom to create.

I feel like I may have some knowledge to share, and I hope to gain some more insight.

Anyhow, hello again:

D.C., Mezz, KYH, BDL (if you're still here), foodpump, caterchef, phach(sp), leenik, um, that guy who is an instructor at a school whose name i can't remember...

<romper room mirror grows hazy...>

I can't remember all your names, I just remember your useful information.

Joined Aug 29, 2000
Welcome home, left4bread! We're glad your schedule allows some time here, and look forward to your participation in the forums. As you can see, we've got lots of great content, too: wikis, reviews, etc. I'm sure you'll also put the search tool to good use.

The instructor could be Cape Chef or Jim. You've got a great memory! I'm certain you'll be back up to speed with everyone in no time.

Best regards,

Joined Jul 28, 2001
That's a long time ago. Move the mirror to the right just a little. There ya go. Tall, European looking. How could you forget me?

Oh wait, that's Capt. Kangaroo. Well I'm full of useless information so you'll probably remember my name.

Hey Left4bread, can you do me a favor? Can you post a question for foodpump? Would you ask him what is the best knife you can get when starting out? thanx,
Joined May 8, 2009
awww  I forgot panini.  :(

TITLE: URGENT need foodpump help!!!

MESSAGE:  What kind of knife good for cooking for new cook in kitchen?

Like that? 

I'd better not...  :)
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