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Hi Everyone,

Im an Industrial design student at The art institue and im workin on a kitchen product for design class. I was wondering if anyone has any complaints about working in the kitchen. What are the things that bother you the most about it? Are there any processes you do that might be easier if something was created to help? Or if anyone has any general comments about cooking/preperation/cleanup I'd like to hear it. I appreciate your feedback.

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Hi John and welcome to Chef Talk.

I'm going to move your post because it's more likely to get the responses you hope for in the Chef Talk forum where more pros will see it. This was originally posted in the welcome forum, where we ask you to tell a bit about yourself as an introduction. Please hop back to the welcome forum and tell us about yourself.

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Peeling Eggs.....I hate peeling eggs. Design something good for that. By the way...there's one of those cheap products out on the T.V. ads....has anyone tried it? I couldn't imagine it could work.
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In general, a lot of gadgets take up too much space. For instance, that egg pealer thingamajig, it looks tall and would take up ample amount of space for something to do a very simple task.
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On cracking eggs; bring the pot of eggs to a boil-10 min. turn off heat and cover for up to 20 min. Then rinse in cold water, drain off water and shake pan back and forth till eggs are all cracked, then peel under cold running water. This always works for me. Hope for you too! good luck!
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