Hello! Please excuse a farmer peeking in!

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Hello Chefs! Want to give a brief introduction and see if it's okay for me to play in your sandbox or if I've overstepped. I'm part of a small farm startup just west of Houston, TX where we are mainly focusing on mushrooms and microgreens but plan to maintain a few small fields of specialty crops for chefs we build relationships with. I'm hoping to utilize these forums to get a better understanding of what you want from your farmers, from types and quality of produce to establishment of relationships and symbiotic businesses. Again, hope it's okay for me to join in on some of your discussions and look forward to gaining some insight from all of you. Cheers! --Wes


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Hello, we are so happy to have you! Our members come from a wide variety of backgrounds, from professional chefs, to beginner home cooks, so you will fit right in! Although I am not a chef myself, I do know that high quality, local ingredients are always in demand.

Please don't be shy with participating in forums, asking questions, or posting threads of your own.
Welcome to ChefTalk!

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