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Hello, Pearl, and welcome to Chef Talk. I understand from reading your post elsewhere in this forum that you've been running a cafe for 25+ years. I'll bet you have a lot of wonderful stories and advice to share! Enjoy all our forums and our archives, too.

Please tell us more about yourself. :bounce:
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Hi all
My husband & I started out in 1970 with soup, salad & sandwich place. All sprouts & home made soups. Had enough success to leave it all with a manager, sell our home and take off in a renovated school bus to seek our fortune. Haven't been out of the restaurant biz since....well, thats not exactly true as we are just ending a 3 year hiatus (we tried to call it retirement....). We ran a 'Bar & Grill' for 20 years in the very remotest part of the state we could find. Did a dinner only thing complete with cocktail lounge, fireplace & the best food we knew how to do. My husband tended bar, I did the kitchen. We decided in '98 to quit. Really never considered selling as we own the building (an old hotel) and our cook of 18 years wanted a shot at running it herself. Took her 3 years to figure out she couldn't do it. So, here we are. Back in the food biz. Only this time, we are just doing a Cafe thing. No bar. Only beer & wine. And as we (and our cook who wants to stay with us) will just open Fri, Sat & Sun. As I can hear you all gasp at the hours, let me say they we are the only food around and have a very loyal customer base. So....back to the life. 'You can check out but you can never leave...' ?????
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