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Hi, all. What's cookin? I found this site when I was having a cheescake crisis and looking for a quick answer to my dilemma. I had accidentally left the pureed peaches and amaretto out of my peach & amaretto cheesecake. Hey, it was late, I was tired! I panicked and turned to my trusty computer. Since I couldn't get registered as a user, I called every successful cook I know. I eventually solved the problem by simmering the peach mixture with a couple teaspoons of arrowroot and using it as a topping. I then heaped chocolate curls in the center of the cheesecake and TRIED to decorate the outer rim with icing sugar, but the thickened peach mixture drank all of the icing sugar so I turned to chocolate covered almonds and that was just peachy!!
Well, what would YOU have done??

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