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    I Just Like Food
    Hello everyone
    My name is Matthew i'm 23 years old from Poland. I am studying Computer Science and i will graduate in 2 months.
    For a long time i thought about passions in life. I didnt have any passions, interests or things i like to do. 
    But now i realize that i love cooking and everything about it. I always can watch culinary tv 24/7 because i rly like it. I like try new recipes and taste new food. Finally i found my life passion. 
    I dont have much experience in cooking now. Im still living with my parents and i didnt have many jobs in the past. I cant cook all the time at home because my parents dont like my "stupid" ideas at becoming cook. They never help me out with my passion. But i dont want to do what they want all the time. Thats why i wanna change myself now. 
    I rly dont wanna be Computer Scientist etc, i dont really like it. I can say i hate it. I cant imagine myself in that job. But now its to late to change it, i will graduate.
    I want to learn about cooking now and maybe someday be very good at it. I know its a hard work and i am ready to start it.
    I wanna take some culinary courses, but first i need to earn some money.
    Thats my plan for rest of my life :)
    And thats why i am here today.
    I hope i will be with you guys for a very long time.
    Good to see you all :)
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    I Just Like Food
    Welcome to chef talk
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    Can't boil water
    Hi everyone... my name is Mikki and I can't boil water.  :)  I'm here because I want to learn about food.  I do enjoy it, but I'm so tired of the traditional red beans and rice, cornbread and sweet tea that I'm losing weight as we speak.  I think a lot can be learned in forums like this... more than I would ever find in a commercial blog. So, that's why I'll be poking my fork in your food if you get my drift.  ;)  I'm happy to be here.  Thanks and nice meeting you!