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Hello friends, how are u???????????im here In Perú in my second cycle in Le cordon Bleu Perú, now we are preparing food, not my favourite, so much fats, so much, cream of milk plus butter plus a lot of cheese (italian food), its so much fats, and i dont think its healthy, i would kill a a person who has cholesterol problems with just a dish, but well we prepare, the belgium chef tells us it tastes good, butw e dont eat much, hehe, we dont wanna be fat, even im a litle fat.
Today we were preparing fetuccini with rabiit, olives, etc, it looked very nice, but we didnt taste anything, all was for the shcool restaurant cuz today there was so much people, so my chef was crazy, and we tryed to help him, i think he doesnt like me, but its ok, i dont like him, its just cuz i ask, and i sometimes dont understand cuz he isnt clear with his spanish,and i tell him, please could u repeat chef!
the classes are very long, with bromatology, marketing, nutrition, and i realize i like more nutrition , bromatology, marketing than cooking, hehehe, i love those course cuz they teach me about fooooooooooood, how the food is important for people, and how to prepare food in perfect conditions, todayw e prepared ice cream and we cooked vegetables and fruits we had frozen a week ago with adittives, ummmmmmm, it ws good, specially cuz the fruit tasted as well as they were fresh, and my friends are so nice, the girls a little crazy, we talka lot, and we talk bad abou instructor a lot, toooooooooooooooo, its a crazy life, but im learning many things, even my last 2 chef didnt like me.

A Biiiiiiiiiiig huf my friends, if uw ant to know about peruvian food that is my favourite or peruvian culture dont have doubts and ask me, i can help, and if i dont know, i woul serach the answer till i can help you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!and dont forgte champions, dont forget to think in ur present and smile!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
a bigggggggggggggggggg hug friends!!!!!!
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Dear Gustavo -- It is very interesting to read what you are doing in school. But I have to scold you a little: Whether you think what you are learning to cook is healthy or not, it is your duty as a cook to taste it. The only way we know if food is seasoned properly, or even cooked correctly, is by tasting it. If you do not taste, you will not learn as much. I have seen students disciplined because they refused to taste, just because "Oh, it is too early in the morning to taste salsa," not because they had a medical or moral reason.

Taste and learn! You can always work off the extra calories after class. :D
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hello Suzanne, thanks for ur advice, ill taste everything we prepare even i dont like it, TOday ill cook probably red fetuccini(with beet) and pigeons, or agnelottis(green cuz spinachs) and butter and cheese,,,,,,,,,,,,,,im crazy fro preparing the pigeons, in peru is not common eating pigeons,,,,,,,i try to learn, yesterday i had nutrition class, interesting, and today I have to cook, french and marketing, a long day, from 11 am till 8 pm,,,,,,,,,after ill come home,,,,,,,,,,and ill be in internet, good, right?see u champions!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
And don forget u are beautiful!!!!!!!no matter what they say, as the songs says.
see u ,a hug
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